The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring is Here:

We have taken Destiny in our own Hands,

Questioned the Self-Appointment of Despots and Royalty:

Our Fate is Ours to Make.

My God: Beware- We will soon Question You for your Sins and Omissions;

We will Dis-Appoint you as we have Other Rulers-

Democracy is Here.

God Said, “ I Created you in my Image. Finally you Understand. You took the Shell and emptied My breath. Fulfill your Destiny. Be Gods in Body and Breath as you are Meant to Be.”

Moiz Billah

2 thoughts on “The Arab Spring

    • thanks for your comment. Yes, the Arabs have put up with corrupt regimes for decades now. I think they have had to, often with the express or tacit backing of their regimes by some western governments. For example, the Saudi Royal Family is supported by most western governments even though it has a terrible record of respecting human, including women, rights. The same goes with Egypt where Hosni Mubarak’s regime was backed by western powers. The point is not to blame the west for all the ills of the Arab world; it is simply to put things into perspective or context. The problem is that we- every race and community in this world, have given up control of our lives to what appears to be a democracy but is not. For instance, most western individuals have no knowledge or had no knowledge that the west supported the repressive regime of Hosni Mubarak

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