Miracles & Healing

Do you know of any living person who can heal in God’s Name?

I have asked this question to many spiritual and religious people and the response has been deafening.

If you know someone, let us know by commenting on this blog.

If, in fact, it turns out that none of us know of anyone who can heal in God’s Name what does that tell us about us and our God?

The scriptures have many examples of God’s healing and even raising the dead to life. What good is a book if the pages are history and the Holy Spirit (ruhul Quddus)  is not Living and Breathing within us?

5 thoughts on “Miracles & Healing

  1. We are surely connected to God. And who answers the one in difficulty when they call on Him and takes away their ills.

    Our connection with God cannot be measured through counting the number of people who can cure. Cure comes from God.

    He sends us the rains and multitudes of plants grow therefrom.
    He provides us with light and energy from the sun daily, painting a picture of clouds and colour and atmosphere all the time, but do we take time to thank him and reflect on what he has provided us with.

    He provides us with sustenance from places we couldn’t imagine and at times we could not conceive. He is closer to us than our jugular vein..

    He is available for us with an extended hand and We are too blind to witness Him.

    How unfortunate for us.

    • Thanks for sharing your insights.

      For me, however, the question remains: do you know of anyone healed by God even if you do not know a person who can heal? Do you know of any cures from God?

      I agree with you that “we are too blind to witness Him” but how do we lift that blindness so the effects of Rahman and Rahim (the beneficent and the Merciful) may be felt within us.

      On the other hand, may be a cure is not given, or we do not see a living person who is a representative of God and has the power to heal, for a reason. But I am still in search of that holy soul even if “it” decides not to cure!

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  3. I do in fact know people who heal in Heavenly Fathers name whenever called upon…n In my church we call them Elders! You really should sit down and listen someday to what they have to say. You’d be surprised to learn what the real Truth is.

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