Uncoordinated Charity & Injustice

The problem with charity and charitable organizations is like fighting tanks with bows and arrows! You have cancer- no problem- donate to a cancer charity- you have a spinal cord injury- no problem- donate to the Canadian Paraplegic Association-children are dying of starvation in Somalia-no problem, donate to Oxfam- except that the problem is never permanently addressed through systemic changes. While you donate your dollars and cents to diverse organizations who may or may not work together, our society leaves the job of public welfare to its citizens and uses their (tax) money to fund less worthy causes.  I find it difficult to believe that in this day and age we can have satellite communication yet we do not have the science to permit the human mind to communicate with a paralyzed body to move its limbs, or for cancer to be no more, or for children to die of starvation in one part of the world while in another there is a growing epidemic of child obesity!

The poem Charity without Justice addresses the problem of uncoordinated charities..

One thought on “Uncoordinated Charity & Injustice

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