How unauthentic?

Fat bums with tight jeans- frankly, isn’t that uncomfortable?;

A shirt and tie- what is the purpose of a tie?

Lipstick? Painted lips- what is up with that?

Walking with an iPod plugged in- wow!- A universe unto oneself!

Calorie and Carb Count- need to loose weight!!!

Hungry and starving- famine with nothing to eat

Burqas and bikinis- opposite ends of the same extreme!!!

A middle aged man- thinking the world of himself- just look at his walk and subtle gestures-

perhaps because he knows and feels the emptiness inside!

Seeking happiness in wealth-

Being wealthy and seeking happiness in meds:

All this from the same emptiness inside and an

unauthentic life.

Burn everything to the ground so we see ourselves with nothing else:

Just as we are.

3 thoughts on “Really????

  1. I think there is a blackhole inside that cannot be filled up with all that materialism could offer. The blackhole for happiness is created by and for cosumerism–it is that which drives individuals vanity; but also drives the market. Your poetry touches upon that wound– you could further dig dipper.

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  3. Yes – burn it all to the ground! Get rid of the external trappings of false happiness, so that the true Self can rise like a pheonix from the ashes…

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