Advice to Canadian Politicians

The Platform

1.  Cut “fat” from the top-not jobs. Restructuring, when necessary, should minimize the impact by re-training and re-allocation.

2. Save money in Health Care Costs by Opening up competition: Open the medical field to foreign doctors and support education for more doctors in Canada- the price of the medical services for doctors will decline as the supply of doctors will increase.

3.  Make research into science and medicine a priority for cancer and other significant ailments: this important function for human welfare and advancement should not be left to charity

4. Put a temporary hold on immigration, except for very specific categories, until our own house is in order. This includes the economic and social condition of natives whose standard of living is significantly below the “average” Canadian.

5.  Modernize the education system- the system of children attending school from a very young age to university in a “classroom” setting is outdated and has resulted in many unemployed and disillusioned graduates. Having an occupation and vocation related to education would ensure a meaningful life for everyone.

6. Eliminate interest payments on debt- this is the single most detrimental factor in the repayment of debt and social improvement for both developing and developed countries- there is no debt crisis- the crises is that of paying interest on debt. This is a radical proposal, but out collective welfare requires us thinking outside of the box.

7. Eliminate foreign ownership of Canadian business and lands. Limit ownership of property so that any “free” land can be used by anyone to build on according to one’s needs.

8. Make Democracy real: there is a low voter turn out because the representational system of democracy is based on “money power” and “media power” and our votes do not translate to action on specific issues.

9. Guarantee a minimum standard of living for every Canadian.

10.  Put value on family time, including individuals taking care of their own family and extended family. Basically, reward family time and care with tax incentives.


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