Is this Why some are Occupying Wall Street?

Why accept

crippling poverty?

inhuman realities ?

the monotony of work?

a mortgage for 25

to own a house and abandon a home?

patience in the face of  a hungry child

for promise of a change the child may not live to see?

We have submitted to the way things are

and given up our free will.

Our “happy ” lives have been scripted for us.

7 thoughts on “Is this Why some are Occupying Wall Street?

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  2. The heartaches are certainly present, even within our system. I look at dictatorships and military juntas like Ethiopia and the suffering is horrible, directly related to the type of government. The same can be said of communism/socialism where all except the elite are reduced to poverty and slavery. Our system in America has long been lauded for the opportunity it gives to all to change one’s state and immigrants have flocked to us for that reason – freedom. History shows that nothing else works. Our problems within our system are largely there because of how people are, sinful, not because of the system itself.

  3. In some ways, our system, though excellent in the freedom we enjoy under the law, is worse because we think we have a democracy when in fact we have an illusion of democracy. So, for instance, political parties and candidates depend on money for their election or re-election- it is very expensive to run an election- and guess what?- those with money are not necessarily interested in improving the condition of the masses.

    My experience with socialism is limited to living under the leadership of Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere in Tanzania. I know for a fact that most native Tanzanians were better off under Nyerere than they are now- during the time of Nyerere they were entitled to free medical care. Now they are not and cannot afford it. However, socialism is not the only solution to social rights. For instance, in Canada, Canadians enjoy free medical care under both the conservative as well as liberal (the American equivalent would be Republicans and Democrats) governments.

    In respect of what History shows us, I think we are still creating history. We can surely do better than what we are doing now. We can improve democracy. We can improve our human condition. We can return to an authentic way of life beyond both capitalism and socialism.

    • Perhaps the central issue is whether it is the role of government to improve my situation (as part of the masses). In Europe, they’re finding that entitlement programs are unsustainable and the U.S. has reached that point as well. The government dole produces lazy, dependent people. 😦

      • “The government dole produces lazy, dependent people” is a myth perpetuated by the myth makers. In colonial America, the “settlers” killed off the buffalo herds, the Plains Indians main source of food and resources and confined them to reservations where they were rationed food and supplies from the government. African Americans emerged from slavery and confined to ghettoes and projects with limited opportunities and resources so the paternal hand of Uncle Sam could again take care of them.

        “Entitlement programs are unsustainable” is another myth to rationalize austerity…the deregulation, privatization and massive decrease in social spending that ultimately transfers massive amounts of hard earned, public wealth into the hands of private interests. Congress found hundreds of billions of dollars under the Treasury’s mattress, taxpayer dollars, to bail out the investment banks, the money is there.

        I, too once identified more with my captors than my fellow captives.

      • Actually, I’ve witnessed students (up to a third of each class) sitting in school doing absolutely nothing, there only because their family was on the dole. And they had to stay in school to a certain age to keep on receiving it. Why work for minimum wage when you can sit and do nothing and collect quite a bit?

  4. The government does improve or worsen the situation of any individual by default because it creates and enforces the law and often the status quo. The question is not whether it does or does not but whether it should consciously do so in a manner that benefits the most.

    You can have sustainable programs by cutting fat from the top and eliminating interest payments. There is no real debt crises- the crises is paying interest on debt. Thinking of an economy without interest payments requires one to think outside of the box but history is made by those individuals who can lead in such a direction.

    I do not think that government programs make people lazy. It is the lack of opportunity, coupled with government programs, that make people surrender to their “reality”.

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