Justice- Not Charity. Dignity- Not Hand Outs: We are the 99%

Charity feeds me one day,

keeps me hungry 364.

You sanctify the Way things Are at my expense:

You feel content for one day’s giving while I starve 364.

I rather you burn your Crescent and Cross (*1)

and starve with me: Then you will see the tyranny of the Way things Are

and the Evil of your Charity:

Your charity  presumes ownership of what you store for a rainy day

while I soak in poverty without a today or tomorrow.

Without Justice,

Charity is Satan’s cloak:

You presume to give what is not yours.

When things are, as they are supposed to be, then be Generous-

Now we demand Justice with Dignity.

We are the 99%


Note 1: This is not to be taken literally. Both Islam and Christianity have my respect. However, like every religion, the spirit may often be lost and this poem laments this.

8 thoughts on “Justice- Not Charity. Dignity- Not Hand Outs: We are the 99%

    • hmm definition of poor
      in United Kingdom

      yes I have money in the bank and am on what the americans call welfare – I owe hardly any money at all but

      I cannot afford to rent a house or a flat … can afford to eat live on someone’s floor in a sleeping bag but apart from that nothing … look for Dale Farm eviction https://dalefarm.wordpress.com/ Europe in its reality … not the idealized fairy tale land of riches that some people think

      • of course I could sell my treasured computer or my art work or my poetry but if no-one buys it …. and having been given a gift of a computer once, am not about to sell it for anything … as it is my writing tool … we are the 99% and I’d love to help the poor in every country

  1. It is not only financial poverty- which is very real even in Canada and America- but a sense of alienation- loss of control over our lives that is as real, and in some respects more real, than in developing countries. In many developing countries, where there aren’t democracies, people know that they are not in power or in control of their lives. In Europe, America and Canada, we are led to believe that we live in a democracy yet, in reality, we have no or very little power: our lives are still being scripted for us. The only difference is we believe that our votes make a difference. Media and money are two things which support Western “democratic” parties. The people with the money and the media have true power. Our lives are scripted for us. We have become like the subjects of the Naked King in that we must pretend, by choice, or by being brainwashed, into believing that our King (Democracy) is the best when in fact it is Naked.

    • What system allows men to be all that they can be? Communism? Socialism? A dictatorship? No, democracy because men are then free. That is why people from all over the world desire to come to the United States (for one) and have had that desire for more than a century. It is simply not true that our lives are scripted for us. There will always be rules in a society that an individual may be against, that he didn’t have control over, or that were voted in by the majority while he was in the minority. But that doesn’t mean he has no control over his life. That’s simply false.

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