Buck over People: The Death of Greek Democracy

Greece backing down from a referendum on economic reforms is a blow to the principle of democracy and an implicit endorsement of the view that the few “elite” know what is best for the majority- the majority are stupid- except that the majority will bear the brunt of the reforms and not the minority!

The Western Democracies have largely supported and encouraged the Greece Government not to have a referendum on the reforms.

Adds new meaning to we are the 99% and the commitment Western governments have to the principle of democracy.

7 thoughts on “Buck over People: The Death of Greek Democracy

  1. Perhaps they don’t want to have the referendum because they know the public as a whole is on the dole and doesn’t want to cut itself off. Hence, there would be no reform and the nation would collapse. Socialism just doesn’t work; never has; never will.

    • The debt crises has nothing to do with socialism- if anything it is a problem with capitalism and the concept of charging interest on debt so that one never gets out of debt and is now working not to pay the original debt but interest on debt. America, for instance, has no universal health care, yet it is indebted, partly because of overspending in wars for oil (you check out the estimate of the cost per day of attacking and staying in Iraq where weapon of mass destruction, the pretext of the war, were never found). Canada, which is far more “socialist”- where there is universal health care and an attempt to ensure poverty is eliminated, is far better off than America is.

  2. Greece’s SOCIALIST party has nothing to do with socialism? 🙂 You blamed rising interest rates (which you linked with capitalism). Well, why are they having to pay interest? Oh, they borrowed money because they were spending more than they had! Part of that spending was on public sector wages and perks and those people don’t want to lose it. Public sector isn’t capitalism. It’s government. SOCIALIST government in this case. Blame the U.S. being in Iraq on the lies of Saddam Hussein. He lied well about WOMD, which he didn’t have. I’m afraid we didn’t attack Afghanistan or Iraq because of oil.

  3. So what is your explanation for US being practically owned by China? Socialism? You did not respond why Canada, which is more socialist (universal health care) is better off than America.

    And yes, Greece’s problems have nothing to do with socialism-it is an interest problem which the African continent has also been plagued with. The so called Western democracies are basically running something like a credit card company- increase the line of credit to allow countries to pay off debt while continuously charging interest rates…..

    Why is America in so much debt?????? Socialism to blame as well?

    • I don’t know much about Canada but the US is in trouble because of socialism. We are so mired in entitlements like welfare, social security, medicare, and high salaries and perks for government workers (like Greece on the latter) that we have no place to cut spending to take care of other things. Overpaying government workers is a kind of socialism, taking from the taxpayers to fatten the labor unions. Socialists/liberals (the Democrats) are also responsible for needing to bail out companies like Chrysler & GM. Why? They couldn’t compete because of labor unions raising the wage and benefits to a level that far outstripped companies like Toyota, creating a wide gap between the cost of producing a car. We also bailed out other companies, and that’s socialism, too. You again blame interest. Why are countries paying interest in the first place? Because they are spending more than they have. Do you REALLY think someone is going to give them money to use at no cost? And why should they do that? That makes no sense whatsoever. You’re complaining about the wrong things.

  4. capitalsim can exist, socialism can exist, nut the thing about all political systems is that human societies always end up being run by essentially greedy power hungry individuals, … democracy was supposed to limit the time they had in power … but the rich and powerful found other ways of altering the stakes, they play games, the meaning of the game is to keep the people blind to the mechanisms of ruling, if everyone is worrying about their mortgage they won’t be out on the streets defending their rights … unfortunate but true … is there an answer? Yes … but no-one will like it … cut down the amount of time a government is in power to two years, build a four house system, make it mandatory for each and every individual to sit on one of these houses for a 6 month period, the public does jury duty does it not? why should it not also do political duty too… when this is set up impose laws on the financial governing of banks and markets, limit the price of houses, limit the amounts of percent a company can float itself on the stock exchange so that no company ever goes bankrupt because of share prices falling, make the banks fully accountable for losing the public money, de-inflate all monetary value and the put limits on the price of the day to day, call all debts null and void, bring in a new system that declares bodly that interest can only ever be a percentage of a percentage … a good example … over ten years at whatever interest rates one has 100 in a bank in that ten years the interest will maybe add 0.10 to that 100 , but in that ten years inexplicably under the same interest rates the price of a house has risen beyond the ability of anyone to buy one the amount of interest added to debt turns almost into 0.50 per unit … the entire system needs to be integrated and capped so that 0.10 is what happens everywhere and not just in someones bank account … they will scream and say how will we make money but I ask you this … if a large oil company turns round and says we have lost 20 billion in profit this year but they are still being reported as making 10 billion in profit that means the previous year they have made 30 billion in profit and in truth haven’t lost any money at all because they are still making a PROFIT … if a company makes 250,000 profit a year it is still a successful company and is not in debt …I have more to say on this subject but it needs careful though to join all the lines dot the i’s and underline the structure …

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