Walk with me to the Mountain of Light , Jabal al-Noor/ Nur (5 minutes Video)

This is a short video of my walk to the Mountain of Light, Jabal Noor (Nur) in December of 2007 in the City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The significance of this Mountain of Light, in particular the cave of light or revelation on the mountain, is that the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, is said to have received a revelation from the Angel Gabrail during a retreat in the cave.  Muhammad often hiked to the Mountain, and retreated in the cave, for meditation.

Though Muhammad and Islam are controversial today, in his day and age he was known to be a freedom loving guy. He particularly attracted racial minorities (for instance, Bilal, a Black person), poor individuals, women (his wife Khadija, for instance, who was also a business person) and the oppressed as followers. He was also known to be merciful and compassionate. He exiled from Mecca as there was an assassination attempt against him; however, many years later, when he peacefully returned to Mecca as a victor with a majority having voluntarily embraced Islam, he declared a general amnesty against his persecutors. However, he also knew how to fight when he had to.

Note: I am not endorsing Prophet Muhammad or the religion of Islam. However, keeping in line with my blog’s approach, wherever I find something beautiful, or part of something beautiful, I may post about it- for instance, photos of Christian spiritual places in Syria which I previously posted.

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