Modern Man of God

I am a modern Man of God,

with Cigar in one  hand and Cross on the other;

Holy Spirit in one and Wine in the other;

Seeking the Holy Spirit in Extreme Sports,

the moments between moments when life is still;

In drugs and music:

I have studied the ways of all religions and practice none:

The old sages knew:

For the constant “high”, what you call peace and God

your companions must be practice, rituals and prayers

under both Sunshine and the Storm.

I am a modern man of God:

My knowledge ends where Wisdom begins.

I want a shortcut to God when there is None.

4 thoughts on “Modern Man of God

  1. I wrote this poem to attempt to understand the plight of individuals like Whitney Houston and other musicians who, in my view, are spiritually inclined human beings who, in my view, sometimes sought a quick fix to the human need for spirituality.

  2. Unfortunately, there are many in the world today like your “modern man of God’ who think they can erect their own tower (of Babel) to reach heaven. Jesus is the ladder that was let down and He’s the only way – because the cross takes care of sin.

  3. Great poem Moiz! I think everyone is spiritually inclined, even if they don’t know it… what some people seek in drugs, in wine, in sports, in sex, etc… it is truly spiritual fulfillment that they long for.

    Peace, brother!

    ~ Ben

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