The Game

The Game


The Daylight shone above my face,


as I failed to run to second base.


Mama frowned and Lizzie cried,


I felt my life being pulled in by the tide.


I knew this was just a game,


though I never felt the same.


Popularity drifted away like the sun,


and before I knew it,


never did I see the first light of dawn.


A dreadful week after I walk out of my room,


and expect to feel the heavy weight of doom.


Lizzie won’t look,


Mama just cooks,


and Father is the same.


But why do they put me under a chain?


I go to school,


Mr.Dawson’s cool,


Diane is cold,


And Susie just sits there like she has not been told.


I sit down and take the test,


hoping that I’m still the best.

Then what I am dreading comes,


I’m sure my life will be done.


Recess. The time of doom,


the beginner of gloom.


Paula corners me into a trap,


and then I give a mighty big slap.


She frowns, she whimpers and she cries,


she hides her hideous eyes.


She tells the teacher and down I go,


to the office,


not home.


I sit and wait,


till about eight.


Then I go inside the room.


This is my doom.


She fists and scolds,


and then the truth unfolds,


that Paula had done wrong.


I feel my heart dancing,


to this particular song.



At the end of the day,


I walk the way,


down the willow lane.


I feel something going away,


is it possibly the chain?


Mamma hugged and embraced,


Lizzie kissed my face.


All the pain and sorrow had drifted away,


tonight was the day.


I was forgiven so were they,


And then we stared out the window,


the sky floating away.


Zaynab (9)






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