Fork Over Knives

Since March I have only consumed plant food- no oil, dairy or meat, after reading Dr. Esselstyn’s book ‘Preventing & Reversing Heart Disease ‘ and watching the documentary ‘Fork Over Knives’.

I made this decision for four reasons. First, the book convinced me that there is a correlation between the consumption of dairy and meat with cancer. Second heart disease and host of other medical problems can be avoided and reversed with a plant based diet without oil, meat or dairy.The book had photographs of hearts of patients who had followed the plant based diet and reversed their heart condition. Third, you can eat delicious food without counting calories- the book contains healthy and tasty recipes. Finally, I like the diet because it respects the sanctity of life and causes the least harm. Sometimes a life well lived is the one which causes the least harm even if if does not do the most good!!!




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