Aligning With Simplicity — Adapting To Island Living

Aligning With Truth

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I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I have been a city girl all of my life — all five decades, until recently.

When I returned to the Philippines in 2010, after a four-year sojourn in the San Francisco Bay Area (Northern California), I went through culture shock! It didn’t help that the very few friends I had couldn’t relate to what I was experiencing.

Even before I left for the U.S., I already felt disconnected from my friends. I felt disconnected from the people I’ve interacted with and my countrymen in general. And I felt even more disconnected when I returned.

My energies and vibration have shifted. My priorities have changed. I redefined my values and principles.

My purpose and mission have taken (and are taking) a different shape and form.

As I raised my vibrational frequency, my thirst and hunger for material stuff have been significantly

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