Naked Beauty

Let water touch your naked skin;

Remove the cloth of decency & hypocrisy:

Let Water  Purify You.

Happiness means…

Happiness to me now means a state of acceptance and immersion in the here and now without “joy” or “protest” or “hope or fear”.

You and I

When I die

do not pray for me

or perform your rites and rituals.

If you must,  Live Well-

Our creation and resurrection are as a Single Soul:

Perchance you may be the bird on whose back I soar to Heaven.



In Muslim practice, one recites Surah Fatiha for the deceased. What is interesting about this recitation is that it is a prayer for one’s own guidance and there is nothing in it for the deceased.  Why then recite it for the deceased?  I understood the answer to be in Ch 31: verse 28 of the Quran “Your creation and your resurrection are not but as a single soul.”

The Man on the Cross

The Garden of Eden with the forbidden tree;

Noah’s shore with temptation and sin:

is not safety and salvation.

My guide and salvation is  on the Cross of Jacob’s prisoner

Crows perching on his flesh devoid of temptation and sin

Biodome, Montreal: A Photographic Tour

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The Biodome in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is quite an experience! The Biodome creates the climate of the Tropics and walking through the tropical region is just like walking in the real one….I know because I grew up in one!