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Aligning With Truth

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I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I have been a city girl all of my life — all five decades, until recently.

When I returned to the Philippines in 2010, after a four-year sojourn in the San Francisco Bay Area (Northern California), I went through culture shock! It didn’t help that the very few friends I had couldn’t relate to what I was experiencing.

Even before I left for the U.S., I already felt disconnected from my friends. I felt disconnected from the people I’ve interacted with and my countrymen in general. And I felt even more disconnected when I returned.

My energies and vibration have shifted. My priorities have changed. I redefined my values and principles.

My purpose and mission have taken (and are taking) a different shape and form.

As I raised my vibrational frequency, my thirst and hunger for material stuff have been significantly

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All I have to give…..I give…

By my friend Benjamin

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

To measure a day by the time it takes for the sun to set.
Or three hours at a time as I fight these shakes and quakes tis no life to lead.
For is a man not a collection of actions set forth by a reactive set circumstances.
As the papers pile high and the tears well I will not give way to these darkest of days.
For if I am truly to be judged by the things I leave behind.
I give you these small words…. Though my body fails me as my mind grows tired. I will not let fear live in this heart.
I will call from the highest peak and shout with passion for Art lives in this poetish painter. This old soul and knight long forgotten.
So I beg of you, live your life without fear for you are beautiful. Live your days with head…

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A comment on “A Flowery Prose in Shame”

A comment on A Flowery Prose in Shame:

This poem’s beginning line “Do not say: But for the Grace of God, Karma, Alhamdullilah” should not be taken literally. There is beauty in being grateful to God provided one understands that the relationship between us and God is a complex one involving each having the freedom and responsibility to act. For instance, in every scripture, God asks us to be good to others- the Grace of God is given through our freedom. In this sense, the injustice is in our choices. For us to give our choices the name of God’s grace without acknowledging our freedom in the result is abdicating our free will.

The reference to the forbidden tree; an old love and hate; both men and God playing roulette is again mystical and ought not to be taken literally.


I am damaged beyond repair,

Breathing with an empty heart,

Pumped by God dancing in White Coat.

Dance no more and

Let Me Go

To my own rhythm and rhyme:

I have been dead a long time.


I am more than just a beating heart!

Note: This poem was written after I met a paralyzed man. This is not about me but the issues raised in our conversation.


I highly recommend reading this if you have ever wondered about the nature of God in relation to us, and the problem of evil. It is a serious read which I believe provides a unique insight into both our nature and the nature of God and the problem of evil. It is a perspective that cautiously empowers us. Some light Sunday reading (lol)

The Conscience

When I was 16, my philosophy teacher Mwalimu Kassala asked me to ponder on the problem of evil. He presented the problem as Saint Augustine had presented it:

Either God cannot abolish evil or He will not.

If He cannot, He is not All-Powerful;

If He will not, He is not All-Good.

Many years have passed since then, and I think I have finally “solved” the problem of evil- and it is an extremely important question to consider because my solution puts us in the role of creators rather than passive observers.It challenges the fundamental assumptions most human beings have made about God.

The problem with the question and the traditional understanding of God is the assumption that God IS rather than BECOMING and that He is All Powerful, All Merciful, or Both. Truth is often a paradox. My view on the problem of evil, on the nature of God…

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Love is….

Love is

Beauty unveiled by Holy Verses,*

Imperceptible to the Naked Eye,

Practiced by those who know:

God is visible in Filth and

Hidden behind Beautiful faces.

Love is

Not ecstasy at delightful sight;

DSC_0594_2Photograph curtesy of Jordan Swavely, a photographer residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Love is

A leper’s hand,

A deformed Child,

Mother Theresa’s embrace.


Beauty unveiled by Holy Verses,*

Imperceptible by Naked Eye,

Practiced by those who know:

God is visible in filth and

Hidden behind Beautiful faces.

* Mathew, 25: 33-45, Holy Bible. Note: This blog endorses no religion but is supportive of spiritual gems found anywhere, including the Holy Bible.


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