Secret of Happiness

I met an old woman in a wheelchair yesterday at a rehab centre. She could only move her right thumb and perhaps another finger. Her head she could not move because of a recent muscle issue. She was completely paralyzed otherwise. She had a blue tooth device connected to her ear which allowed her to control her wheelchair. The amazing thing was that she appeared to be happy and was even smiling during my conversation with her. There was genuine peace on her face and her eyes showed this. I thought that this must be a recent injury- recalling something from the Batman movie that you die young enough to retain your innocence or live long enough to be a villain when faced with extensive pain and suffering. To my surprise, she said she was born this way. I have often prejudged that anyone who is born this way cannot attain or appreciate true happiness- at best they live a life of compromise. I was positively surprised. I left my contact information for her and I to speak more. Her friend advised me that this woman is brilliant and she believes in God. It reminded me of what I had written, in response to my own experience which is far less “traumatizing” (again, a value judgment) than hers, that:

The Life Force
Posted on May 29, 2011 by Moiz Billah

I met an Arched Tree like myself:

Though broken it shot its branches towards the sun.

The Arched Tree showed me:

The most evident purpose of life is to live it as our nature dictates,

If we must, we walk to heaven without legs


I suspect that this “Life Force”, something that permits us to live even when faced with what we perceive to be the worst, is what may be her secret of happiness. If I get to speak to her again, I will share what she has to say. In the meantime, I remain inspired by meeting a very advanced soul.

Freedom in sunshine & storm

I went to sleep with longings of yesterday and dreams of tomorrow:

I woke up to the melody of my heart drumming to neither yesterday nor tomorrow.

I realize the freedom of dancing now with today’s beat and drums.

Being free:

Not stitching a clothe for the unknown.

Being alive to each new day’s freedom under sunshine and storm..

What a wondrous thing is Now