Illusions Under the Christmas Tree

When all is said and done

in the silence of Night a Voice Speaks:

All Meaning is Created,

Order Imposed:

In the company of millions

We will walk alone to Nothingness.

And if you be lucky

an Illusion of meaning and hope will accompany you to your end.

There is no Santa, Dear Child-

God, even a bigger Lie:

But this truth is not for You.

Never expect a gift beyond what you can create:

Find your gifts under the Christmas Tree.

Note: The poem should not be taken literally. I do “believe” in “God”. These are expressions of experience. I hope and pray that you find your gifts beyond what you yourself can create!

Back to this World

I glimpsed behind this Curtain

and saw that there was no Curtain:

My grandma was with me all along.

She said, “Good to see you my Son. Now go back to the world.”

I did not want to:

We spoke without our lips moving,

our hearts under the warmth of the Mother:

Peace and Serenity all around.

“Why leave this bliss? ¬†Why go back to the world? No!”,

I cried like the child I used to be.

But I awoke:

without the curtain or my Beloved.

I had an accident. I was back in this world.