Is this Why some are Occupying Wall Street?

Why accept

crippling poverty?

inhuman realities ?

the monotony of work?

a mortgage for 25

to own a house and abandon a home?

patience in the face of  a hungry child

for promise of a change the child may not live to see?

We have submitted to the way things are

and given up our free will.

Our “happy ” lives have been scripted for us.

The Choice

Life now is about Choices but not the Choices:

I have the power to choose between This and That

determined by the Other.

I am bound to both Earth and Heaven.

One day when I will have perished and

You will inherit the earth- if you are happy with

the Choice and the Choices I thought you would like to have,

Do Not Forget: You are the Bird who flies on my back:

You are the freedom I dreamed of.

Our “Creation and Resurrection are as a Single Soul.”