Euthanasia and Sanctity of Life: Are they Opposites?

What if euthanasia was a life affirming act that acknowledged the sanctity of life, and our role as creators, the agents of God’s hands? No one waits for God to stop a bleeding wound if you can stop it yourself. Part of the gift of life is our responsibility to act responsibly towards it. No one waits for God to impregnate- we do that job very well most of the time and have “fun” in the process of creation. Few believe that they need the permission of God to use contraception.

I am not endorsing euthanasia nor am I discussing the legality of it- I simply want to consider the moral and ethical question as to whether the sanctity of life and euthanasia are opposites.  In my poem, The Life Force, I describe how an arched tree that shot its branches towards the sun, affirmed to me that the most evident purpose of life is to live it: we walk to heaven without legs if we must.  At the same time, I cannot ignore the fact that we are  part of God, and at the very least agents of God.  What gives us the moral right, as agents of God, to use our intelligence to heal someone, and at times keep them alive beyond what “pure nature” would have permitted, but not use the same intelligence and responsibility to decide to end suffering?

I can imagine a scenario where someone acknowledges and believes in the sanctity of life, and in God, who may view euthanasia as a responsible act in the progression of life towards the path of life.