The Way to Personal Freedom 1

20130111-174543.jpgNow who wants be be free? We do.

My hope is to share a few practices which free me.

First, you must know yourself. Be silent for a few minutes every day and listen to yourself. You will be amazed at how much chatter goes on in your brain and what concerns you. You should listen without participating. If you are able to, wake up at dawn, and be with yourself till sunrise! You will be amazed at how your day goes.

Eat less twice a week. This has a profound impact. You will be able to listen to yourself more and develop an appreciation of the Path.

I will stop here. In my own development, I have found that it is useful to practice what I read rather than just reading on.

How is this related to contentment ?

How about social justice?

I must be free from within to have a positive impact and life.


It’s a flower that has arms,

to have the hands that write such charms!

only goes by one name,

that should never be considered by shame.

It is a rose!

In such a flowery pose.

Never feeling alone,

always at home.

Peace shall follow thee,

and I shall grant them happiness,

for eternity!

Zaynab (9)

The 3rd Alternative- The Way to Happiness


This or that is not the option-

when the answer is this and that.

These days politics is focused on debt reduction at the expense of human dignity. This is the politics of old where a false dilemma is presented. The thinking has to be outside of the box. The problem is fat on the top, not the bottom. Eliminate the fat on the top and you have enough resources for investing in life.

For instance, It is time that our governments at all levels invest in cancer research and cure- if we can invest in war, we can invest in life. While I admire all the fundraising that is done for cancer, it should not be a private, individual affair, any more than building or maintaining highways! Let charity not be an excuse for abdication of a government responsibility. Thus, in my post Poetic Uproar I ask, “When will charity end and justice begin?”

Our economic paradigm is based on a false value- that the central purpose of economic activity is economic wealth. Change that, and you have the 3rd Alternative.

Get Involved | The Happy Movie

Get Involved | The Happy Movie.


Just saw this documentary on happiness and the pursuit of it. It has interviews from individuals across the globe and the views expressed on happiness are backed by psychological research into happiness. I am intentionally not saying much because I think you ought to see it for yourself.






My Salvation is beyond the Garden of Eden

or Noah’s Shore:

It is in Sin and Drowning Itself!

I seek a world

without Pain and Pleasure;

cancer and cure;

God and Devil;

Love and Hate;

Lost Dreams and Hopes;

Beauty and Beast.

But it will never be,

Never Be

while I Am:

I am the the Duality:

My Salvation is beyond the Garden of Eden

or Noah’s Shore:

It is in Sin and Drowning Itself!