Miracles & Healing

Do you know of any living person who can heal in God’s Name?

I have asked this question to many spiritual and religious people and the response has been deafening.

If you know someone, let us know by commenting on this blog.

If, in fact, it turns out that none of us know of anyone who can heal in God’s Name what does that tell us about us and our God?

The scriptures have many examples of God’s healing and even raising the dead to life. What good is a book if the pages are history and the Holy Spirit (ruhul Quddus)  is not Living and Breathing within us?

Born Again

I cannot fit into my Old Shoes:

I have Different Feet now.

I am Born Again.

Moiz Billah

Note: This poem is dedicated to persons who have survived a life changing experience and have to give up their “old self” and find meaning in their new reality.  The metaphor suggests that One’s self is not defined by the shoes one wears (the reality of one’s life) but rather is an invisible, life defining force within you which says, nay screams, “I am Born Again”.