Justice and Charity

When will charity end and justice begin?

Charity feeds me one day,

keeps me hungry 364.

You sanctify the Way things Are at my expense:

You feel content for one day’s giving while I starve 364.

I rather you burn your Crescent and Cross (*1)

and starve with me: Then you will see the tyranny of the Way things Are

and the Evil of your Charity:

Your charity presumes ownership of what you store for a rainy day

while I starve in poverty without a today or tomorrow.

Without Justice,

Charity is Satan’s cloak:

You presume to give what is not yours.

Foot Note 1: The reference to “You rather burn your Crescent and Cross” is not to be taken literally. Both Christianity and Islam are great religions. The purpose is to invite the reader to ponder on the hypocrisy of those who take the shell and abandon the spirit of their religion. To that extent it is to be taken literally.

Leonard Cohen: Democracy is Coming to the USA/ Show me the Place

I discovered the music of Leonard Cohen this year and have enjoyed it very much.  The music is contemplative, deep, often poetic, and always a soothing melody of sound. Some of his interesting music /poetry is:

Democracy is Coming to the USA (Poetry/Music)

Show me the Place (from an album yet to be released/ deep music)