My God has No Name

My God has no Name,

It resides within me yet not only in Me-

You and I are Nothing:

We: Everything.

“It” is an impartial judge between me and you-

Yet  partial to us all-

Though the Judgment be against me,

“It” accompanies me as a Friend to the Judgment:

My living, my breathing, in sin or virtue, is by and with It.

It is a living force: a Witness and Participant.

I see It everywhere without a place, time or movement:

I do not see It-I cannot imagine anything without a place, time or movement.

Yet it is not with my Imagination that I see:

I see with Seeing.

At the end of time, I will perish and We will all be One.

All this for What? :

So that the Caterpillar may become the Butterfly;

The First may become the Last.

The Manifest may become Hidden:

The Caterpillar, Butterfly and Metamorphosis all One:

God may Know Itself and we perish and live as Eternity.

Moiz Billah