Universal Secrets of the Hajj

For my non-Muslim readers, I have believed in experiencing truth and appreciating truths wherever I find them. “There are as many ways to God as human breaths”, said Prophet Muhammad.  This is just one of many experiences of “It” that all of us have had-the aim of this post is not to promote “one truth” but share the mysticism involved in Hajj:

It is my belief that Hajj is a symbol to hidden and manifest spiritual truths ready to be discovered and guide.

The Symbol of  Circle of Life

The Hajj begins at the Kaaba, a place of worship believed to have been built by Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ishmael- commonly known as the House of God.   All are dressed in unstitched white clothes. The Muslims are required to circle the Kaaba anti-clockwise

It is symbolic that the journey begins with God at the House of God. Why then depart from it only to return to it after days of journeying away from it? To journey away from the House of God to God Himself.

This is symbolic to me of “Adam and Eve” beginning their journey with God. What is also symbolic is that the approach to the House of God is in circles- I began at the outer edge of the circle slowly making my way towards the House of God.

You need very little- you can carry only very little

Your journeying away from the House of God to God requires you to carry only as much as you can carry. You carry what you need and you figure out how little you need. If you carry more than what you need it becomes a burden to you because the journey is long and tiring through the heat of the dessert sun and its cold nights. Since my Hajj in 2007, I have often wondered whether I have applied this beautiful lesson in my life. How much do I own that ends up owning my “soul”?

Letting go of vanity- a movement to your true self

During Hajj you are not allowed to look at yourself in the mirror. And by the end of the Hajj, when you have walked under the dessert sun, slept with fellow Muslims under a tent, and rested wherever you can, you “forget” yourself and ironically find your true self-you realize how unimportant your looks are and how much you need to look at yourself as both you and other human beings see you-not the cosmetic you, but the real you. This is one of the great blessings of Hajj.

The next stop is at Mount Arafat- the mountain where Adam and Eve received God’s “forgiveness” for approaching the “forbidden tree”. It is also known as the Mountain of Knowledge. What is interesting is that in the Holy Quran, the tree is linked to Adam and Eve becoming conscious of their nakedness and covering themselves with leaves! This is very interesting- 1) it links self-consciousness of the body to a lower state of being (may be this is a connection in not being allowed to look into the mirror) and 2) unconscious nakedness as a higher state.
……to be continued, God willing

7 thoughts on “Universal Secrets of the Hajj

  1. The opening quote of there being many ways to God is just one of the many things in which Islam and Muhammad contradict the Bible. The Bible says there is one – through Jesus. Why? Because of sin.

  2. I just noticed what I said and that your reply didn’t fit with it. Jesus is the only answer because men have a sin problem. Punishment is the only recourse without Jesus. No other religion except Christianity has a solution. That’s why Jesus is the only way.

    • Who is Jesus or God? If you read Mathew in the Bible, Jesus says that those who were kind to the weak and poor members of society- such as the naked, prisoners, and hungry- were serving Him. If you agree that Jesus is more than a name to be uttered on your lips and Jesus embodies the very goodness- than it matters not what my lips utter- my heart belongs to him in action.

      • One can’t read the Bible and grab one thing and say he’s following Jesus. When you ask the question who Jesus and God are, then it’s obvious you don’t meet what the Bible says one must do to be His follower. Jesus is either one’s Lord or He isn’t. There are some either/or’s within the Bible that detail what one must do to become a Christian. Without those, one is not part of Christ, even though he may like some things He says.

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