Serene Reflections

I have lived a good life with many adventures and fantastic experiences. This adventure includes a journey of love and success defying significant odds.

 The name, used in this blog, “Moiz Billah”, is what my grandfather called me as a child. The blog speaks to who I truly am- reflecting me in the mundane to the divine questions of living life.

My religion is moving beyond the safety of beliefs to experience. Talking about beliefs is like talking about sex and not having it. I want to be free.

The traditional view of religion views God as an entity outside to ourselves, someone who determines our destiny. Yet truth is a paradox.  What if God is also happening? What if God is a Butterfly who wants to become a Caterpillar, and we are the ones who collectively determine the metamorphosis.

The most evident purpose of life is to live it as our nature dictates.

I hope that this blog provides an avenue to discuss what matters to you. We can pretend to discuss things over a cup of tea, coffee, or your choice of beverage….

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Moiz, I thought I’d take an even closer look at your blog and you sound like my favorite physics teacher of all time XD. You must understand that this makes me incredibly happy. I enjoy hearing about politics, indulging in reading poetry, and inquiring in deep philosophical questions. Very interesting from what I have seen!

  2. I thought I would drop by and check out your blog … and it’s really interesting.. and i really like your way of thought.. will defo drop by again and take a closer look at your post…

    Wish you a pleasant day…

  3. Thanks for the subscription! You’ve got some nice stuff on your blog. It’s nice to have another poet on WordPress after all.

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